A tribute To Alison

When I woke up this morning i went through all my emails and facebook notifications like I do every morning, though today was not like any other! as i read my messages I came across a blog posting from jess from uncover ostomy. Jess helped me a lot to accept my stoma, and also inspired me to raise awareness and break the stigma. I made many friends through her page, as i read through the blog it hit me that alison had died! It is strange howsomeone you have never actually met in person can touch you, like many, this morning i was in tears, and in shock! this is a link to jess’s blog post


I first ‘met’ Alison through uncover ostomy, I was keen to make a fashion video, Alison was very keen to be a part of it! Alison followed in Jess’s footsteps making an ostomy sexy, Alison had this inner beauty, this amazing smile.

You can see more pictures of alison in two of my videos

The first being the fashion video


She is also in the ostomy awareness video


Alison was an inspiration to so many, and being so young.  She always wanted to give back and to help people.  She touched my life in so many ways.  i know that myself and everyone who was touched by her will never forget her and her legacy will live on!

Heaven has gained an angel!  It is not a matter of how long we have on this earth, it is what we do with the time we have, and how we deal with the obsticles in our way.

RIP Alison, we will never forget you xxxx


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