What makes something go viral?

It has been a while since I posted in this blog, a lot has been going on.

The #getyourbellyout campaign being the highlight.

The campaign took momentum and has raised a lot of money and has done a lot of good. The video is nearing 6000 views and still going, though it is beginning to slow. The amazing team have not stopped though, they are now selling merchandise, and have a competition for a calendar.

We should be proud of that achievement, but this week I read a blog post by jess at uncover ostomy and realised I feel the same as her.

An interview on the BBC, which was hijacked by some ‘expert’to say ibd is caused by junkfood, very quickly this took up speed, all the papers were writing it and soon the lies became viral.

As mentioned the #getyourbellyout campaign gave people the courage to post pictures of there belly’s, including us ostomates.

So a month or so in, a girl in a bikini with an ostomy, a very good looking girl, who said she aspired to be a model, suddenly began appearing everywhere! Her photo went viral, her story went viral.


Now yes I am mostly happy about this, but it makes me think. All the papers and everyone who shared it began thinking that the campaign was after her picture, and that we got our confidence from her, when in fact it was the other way round!

Some of us ostomates have not been afraid to wear bikinis as shown in the ostomy awareness video from many years ago.

Some of us have been spending nearly every spare moment trying to raise awareness  jess being one of them, a very beautiful model who began the uncover ostomy campaign and spending years dedicated to it. So why didn’t any of her pictures go viral?

download (1)

So in the scheme of things is 5000 really that big? I have been doing a few other videos for different causes lately, and as usual sharing the video’s everywhere. Check out my videos, on youtube, meardonna mearvideos.

I noticed my husband sharing ridiculous video’s, when I look at these daft videos the views are in the hundred thousands!! Here is a recent video he posted and yes it is a bit funny but still! and it has had over 85,000 views!

What also annoys me is he never shares my videos unless I twist his arm, yet he shares all of this trash! I am thankful for my many friends who do share my videos, but they never build up that momentum. 

In a world where an overgrown kid gets famous for recording himself playing a stupid xbox game, with hours and hours of total rubbish, and the most annoying laugh in the world, I begin to think something is seriously wrong!

Maybe I’m just having a failure moment but it makes you think.


Why I’m glad my disease was in the serious end of the scale.

20% of UC patients have disease effecting whole of colon, and where it is classed ad serious.  With a lot of those requiring surgery.

The diagnosis of ulcerative colitis justover 6 years ago was a horrific blow, especially as the disease attacked so severely. I went through many times thinking why me and thinking it was a bad thing.

All these years on, i look back and I’m thinking of how much my feelings have changed since then. 
My mum has diverticulitis  and for over a year has been literally begging for surgery, some people will ask why, because such surgery is always a last resort! Though I wish that wasn’t the normal thinking! These diseases, are not pleasant, we all have our limit of what we can tolerate, luckily my mum finally had surgery and is doing really well. And is looking forward to being able to live without worrying about where the toilets are.

I have had many conversations with other ibd’ers over the past few years and also recently, there disease is classed as controlled. Most are on medications which have side effects, and thy still have to live with the symptoms of UC. They wouldn’t be allowed to have surgery as they are looked at as being controlled.

I look at those strong fighters, and am thankful I am not one of the 80%, how the tides have turned.

I wish that surgery isn’t always going to be seen as the last option, as if it is a failure, losing the battle, where it should be seen as winning.
This past week I have been sailing at work, and Out for a hen night which included an all you can eat buffet and Rocky horror theme, when I look back at this week, I would not have been able to do all of this with my colon. So I am grateful.



A Group of IBD’ers decided after the no make-up selfies, to start there own campaign.  I’m going to be totally honest, as always 🙂


On the one hand I’m a little upset that even after all there amazing hard work it did not get anything like the coverage that the no make-up selfies got!  That was all over the tv! But then IBD isn’t Cancer, it’s no like IBD is serious and people don’t die of it do they????   I hope you know that was sarcasm!!!!!!!

As soon as I heard about it I jumped in, taking my belly pic and nominating friends,


I was deeply dissapointed when a fellow IBD’er/ostomate, messaged me demanding me to remove it and to un-nominate her as she wanted nothing to do with it all.

It made me feel sad that all the hard work of many great IBD’ers, to remove the stigma, hadn’t really worked, have we really gotten anywhere???

After I pulled myself out of that downer, and after finishing loads of wedding video’s, I thought I would make a positive contribution by offering my services to make a video.  

As the campaign took hold, many many people took part, over £3000 was raised for crohns and colitis uk, The video was launched last night and over 300 views already!!!!!!

So to end on a positive I am happy and proud!!!!!!!!  It goes to show what can be done when people band together, as a community we are strong!!!!

It also gave me more of a kick up my barbie backside to continue to keep fighting!!!!!!!

I’m a happy barbie girl 🙂

On a side note, My mum had surgery yesterday, she now has a colostomy, so there is now 3 baggies in our family!

I just hope her little friend, who we have not named yet, is as well behaved as squirt is!



End of an era and disasters

This time last year I got my first car, ladybug


We had a year together, she got me through learning to drive and gave me many months of happy drives and never let me down. This weekend I gave her to my future sister-in-law, as I got a new car, blackbird.


It was my future sister-in-law’s hen party so me and ladybug had our last journey together, which involved getting lost and a 3 hour journey becoming
7 hours!


Because my son has CHD, I dressed up as a ladybird.

Although it was really nice to go to my future sister in-laws hen party it was frought with disasters! We were staying at there house. The toilet situation was not ideal for an ostomate, I hadn’t thought about that as my ostomy is apart of me now so i don’t think about it anymore. Then also we were going to a spa, and I had spent the night before leaving worrying on whether to take my costume or bikini, both from vanilla blush! It wasn’t till the morning I realised I had left both swimming costume and bikini back home! Kindly my future sis in law leant me a tankini but as it was a normal tanking and not ostomate swimwear, my bag was on show! So going to a posh hotel, with my in laws and my future sis in laws family and friends. I was petrified! The first time I have ever been petrified with my ostomy. I was anxiously waiting for some comments or at worst to be chucked out of the spa because of complaints, well these sorts of things have happened before to people! Nobody battered an eyelid, and the day went off without any issues. I was worried I was going to ruin the hen do. The evening we all had to wear tutu’s this was mine! I made it myself!


Atleast with a tutu I had no worries about my ostomy being noticeable. The rest of night went without anymore issues, though nightlife in derby is nothing compared to Newcastle!
Next task is to find dresses for wedding as I have 4 this summer!

goodbye 2013

Today is the beginning of 2014, so a time to look back on 2013.

2013 for me was a great year, it was almost a hospital free year, had it not been for those nuts!

I bought my first car, passed my driving test, got a job that I love, which has also pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I have surprised myself. Others having faith in me when I doubted myself.

I got to see meatloaf, bonjovi, emeli Sande, and boyzone

On our 12th anniversary Paul and myself renewed our wedding vows.

As a family we went on a 2 week Mediterranean cruise, where I spent most of the time by the pool in my vblush bikini!

I performed in a pantomime along with my kids, I played an Indian and a pirate and had to learn to conquer my 2 left feet!

As an ostomy Community we fought against stereotypes with very good results.

I set up squirts ostomy covers, and sold many covers and gave many away to very deserving people.

What for 2014? We’ll I hope to attempt a whole year with no hospital admissions! Another jump, possibly the Baltic, and to continue living life to the fullest!

Going Nuts!!!!!

If you follow my blogs you would have read my last post about my cruise, While in Corsica while wine tasting we stopped at a lovely little shop that made nougat, real nutella, and beautiful nuts! I have to admit I have a soft spot for nuts!  I have had squirt 2 years now, and I have been able to eat everything, I have never had an issue.  This has mainly been due to following a few simple rules.

1) Chew well!

2) eat slowly

3) Drink to help wash food down

4) moderation and balance


When i came home, we didn’t have any food in the house and I was sitting on the settee writing the sermon for the evening service at church the following week, I got a bit hungry so thought I would try some nuts!  All would have been fine if I had followed rule number 4!!!!

Without realising I ate the whole packet!!!  Image

So there went the moderation out of the window!  also Balance, as I did not eat anything else that day except the nuts!

That night, began the hell of pain like passing shards of glass, then the ‘passing’ stopped, I tried the bath, then went to bed hoping it wold pass, I was wrong!  I spent the night in agony, I delayed going to the hopsital as long s possible but after 14 hours of agony and a bulge around my stoma I decided to go in.  I thought they would just give laxatives or something but instead they decided to start sticking there fingers up into squirt and also using a tube to try and unblock, I could feel the plug of nuts blocking squirt,  I as told it was too dangerous to give an ileostomate a laxaive, I think they just wanted to torture me!

My surgeon couldn’t wait to come running to have abit of a laugh, and also to check on me, well I have to let him have one up on me with the amount of winding up I dish out!

eventually the nuts passed after lots of prodding!

So lesson learned!!!!

I will not be eating large quantities of nuts again, and I will continue to strictly adhere to the rules!  

Rocking all over the world!

It has been a while since my last post, So I thought it was about time I did a blog post.

I have not long got back from a 2 week cruise around the med, onboard the Thompson cruise ship The Island Escape.  A bit of a plug here but this ship is totally awesome, especially the staff, the entertainment team are awesome!!!! So if your looking for a cruise then look it up!

Before leaving the usual nerves raised there ugly heads, like getting through airport security, and also worrying about running out of bags, falling ill whilst away etc. I was also feeling down whilst clothes shopping because I really wanted a bikini!  I did not feel down for long as I treated myself to an awesome bikini from vanilla blush!  I packed a months supply of bags, and emptied my bag before going through security and I had no issues, unlike the rest of my family lol!!!!!!!!!  

We flew to palma in majorca where we boarded our cruise ship.  I have to say that cruise ship toilets aren’t really designed for ostomates but I didn’t have any major issues. The Cruise was all inclusive so unlimited food and drinks, the food quality and choice was fab, I must admit I did over indulge in the 2 weeks, though not as much as my son and husband did!!!!!

I threw myself into the holiday by entering a dive bombing competition on the first day, and pleased to say I won!  My ostomy does not prohibit my exploits in the pool!  I continued to ‘join in’ by playing other daft games, the funniest being the boat building competition closely followed by who wants to be a millonaire!

My boat, it may not look as good as the competition but it passed all the tests!


Our first day onboard was a day at sea. This was me sunning it on the pool deck, before the dive bombing!


Every day was a new place.  We travelled to Sardinia, Corsica,  Menorca, Monaco and Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Majorca and in Italy we visited Naples, Sorento, Pompeii, Rome and the Vatican city, Florence, and the leaning tower of pisa, 

With a street entertainer in Barcelona




How does he do that?


On horseback in menorca, that is my daughter in front of me riding like a pro



Me and Davis, our wonderful room attendant!



At the Leaning tower of Pisa



On an evening back on onboard there was live shows and entertainment, and my mum also arranged a special romantic day for me and my husband, we had a Blessing on the bridge, champagne and caviar, a romantic meal in the a la carte restaurant and a photoshoot, it was an awesome day!






Since every moment that was not spent offshore was spent sunning it on the pool deck or in the pool, I did end up changing my bag daily, and some days twice daily, so it was a good thing I took a months supply!

Having an ostomy did not hinder my holiday, If I think about life before Squirt there is no way I could have done all that I did.  I did not want to leave!

So if your putting off going abroad because of your ostomy, take the plunge!